Proven tips to find your dream job this year

Keep this in mind if you want to find your dream job.

CHICAGO, IL — One third of Americans report that they’ll be job hunting this year. To get to work in 2013, here are some proven tips to finding your dream job.

  1. Accept Responsibility. Your next great job begins with you. Begin your job hunt knowing that you are responsible for your success.
  2. Know Yourself. Use evaluation tools to help provide a road map to your greatest strengths and skills. Take time to reflect on where you want to be and what strengths you have.
  3. Find a Mentor. If branching out into something new, find a mentor. Get some experience working or volunteering to get acquainted with the new industry.
  4. Own a Niche. Instead of trying to be a generalist, develop skills in your niche and actively market your expertise.
  5. Brand Yourself. Brand yourself digitally so people can find you and know who you are. Capitalize on social networking sites and consider investing in a website and blog for yourself.
  6. Network Daily. View networking as a full time job and do something everyday that helps you build and maintain your network.
  7. Join the Free Agent Economy. Part-time employment and flexible arrangements are becoming the norm. Part-time, flexible and often short-term opportunities are now providing long-term income for many workers.
  8. Be Persistent. Creatively pursue opportunities to meet the decision makers. Consider asking for an informational interview even if the company isn’t hiring just yet.

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